A biomedical search engine that saves you time

Researchably cuts in half the time you spend searching


Save time!

Save time searching

Find the scientific documents from all of the sources that interest you, in one place. Comfortably search with an interface that understands you.
Discover more!

Discover more relevant results

Cut through the clutter with our AI-powered Smart Filtering, a system that learns from your preferences to automatically find the most relevant articles.
Answer any question!

Answer any question, any time

Get all your questions and requests taken care of by one of our information specialists, available 24/7 via live chat.



Save time!

Smart Search

An AI powered search mode that helps you define your search query on the fly and returns only the most relevant results. Built on top of algorithms trained on millions of biomedical research documents that learn from you as you search.
Save time!

Specialist, Tailored Support

A team of trained information specialists, available 24/7 to help you tackle any biomedical search challenge - on demand. Manned by skilled and passionate searchers who will turn any question or request into answers and solutions
Save time!

A Search Box That Speaks Like You

Researchably’s technology automatically looks for the right synonyms, expands acronyms, and infers relations between your keywords to make your search as precise as it can be.
Save time!

One Hundred Million Documents

An exhaustive, specialist database of biomedical documents, including 30M research papers, 340K clinical trial records 750K patents and tens of millions of company and researcher profiles.


All the benefits of our search engine, for up to the first page of results.
  • 30M+ papers, 360K+ clinical trials & more
  • Researchably AI powered Smart Filtering


per month
All the features of our search engine,
unlimited results, exceptional support.
  • Search query tracking
  • Automated filtered updates
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • Smart Query Builder (Coming Soon!)


Fully customized & integrated solutions for the most stringent search needs.
  • Custom data sources
  • Custom automatic article triaging
  • Custom automatic article screening
  • FDA & EU compliant
  • Reproducible & documented searches
  • Dedicated support team
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